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European union tax bill on apple

Bloody Hell! Apple Hit With ₹ 97,000 Crores Tax Bill By The European Union

You must have heard by now that the European Commission have served Apple with a tax bill for alleged tax evasion in the European Union. What you might not be aware of is the magnitude of penalty that Apple has been asked to pay. The amount is a whopping 13 billion Euros! Read more

Apple iPhone 7 invite

It’s Official! Apple Will Unveil iPhone 7 on September 7th

Apple has just announced the official date for its “special event” (you know which one we’re talking about!).

September 7 is to be the D-day. September 7 is when all fanboys are going to sit with their eyes glued to their laptops. September 7 is when the iPhone 7 is going to be unveiled!

The event, which will be held at The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, is an “Invite Only” affair. And since it’s not easy to get your hands on an Apple iPhone 7 invite, we imagine it’s going to be quite an exclusive event! Read more


Tim Cook’s 5 Years as Apple CEO Summed Up in 5 Charts

It’s been five years since Steve Jobs passed on the baton to Tim Cook, and in these five years, Apple has seen a lot of ups and downs. Cook has triumphed in some situations, and in others, he’s had to bite the dust. But overall, there’s no denying that he’s had a great run as the CEO of the world’s most profitable company. Read more

Oneplus to iPhone

Android Phone Catches Fire, Owner Demands iPhone as Compensation!!

Recently, our Applesutra community witnessed many battles being waged between hardcore Apple fans and hardcore Samsung/Android fans. While it’s fun to watch you kids quibble among yourselves, we still have a moral obligation to put out the fires every now and then. Read more

Mediatrans Review

MacX MediaTans Review: A Better Way to Transfer Data between iPhone, iPad & Mac

Apple products behave very much like a real family. They gel well together and are perfectly compatible with each other. We love the Apple ecosystem and the ease of use it gives to us. But we also resent the utter lack of control Apple gives us. If you’ve ever tried to manage/sort files on your iPhone or iPad, you know what we’re talking about. Read more