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iPhone repair India

Apple is ‘Bricking’ iPhones Repaired by Unauthorised Service Providers

It’s never a good idea to fiddle with your Apple devices by doing own repairs or  taking them to a third party technicians. And as if the risk of causing damage to components of your precious iPhone wasn’t scary enough, Apple has gone a step further and started making such repaired devices totally unusable! Read more

Apple car updates

Apple Car Hits Roadblocks

You must have heard of the proverb “All things come to an end”, right? Well, forget about the end, some good things don’t even start! And even if they do, they just totter around without gaining much of a momentum … just like the Apple Car. Read more

Apple India quit

Now Apple’s India Head Quits!

If it happens once, it’s chance; but if it happens twice, can you still call it chance? Or is it a pattern? That’s the question we asked ourselves when we first heard about the Head of Apple India resigning from his position. Read more

iPhone 7 Dual Lens Camera

iPhone 7 Likely To Have Dual Lens Camera

Last year, Apple bought an Israeli camera technology company called LinX Imaging. It spent $20 million for the trade — a trifle by Apple’s standards. However, the implications of this technology are far from being a trifle. Read more

Apple earnings

Mind Boggling Numbers from Apple’s Q1 2016 Earnings Call

When we were busy celebrating our Republic Day — or as Dhoni’s men made it a “kicking some serious Australian ass” Day! — Apple was having its own little shindig. The event, usually referred to as the Earnings Call, was held to report the quarterly fiscal numbers of the company. Read more

i Apple

Why Apple Dropped the ‘i’

A lot has changed at Apple since Steve Jobs’ death. They have launched a watch, a TV streaming device, and an online music library. They even have plans to launch a car. Read more

Apple virtual reality

Is Apple Working on a Virtual Reality Product?

All of applied science works the same way. It’s a theory until its manufacturing becomes commercially viable. After that we see a hoard of corporate giants pumping billions of dollars into the idea to gain and expand their consumer base. It happened with the PC, portable music players, and smartphones. Now, it’s happening to Virtual Reality (VR). Read more

Google iPhone

Google Pays Apple 1 Billion Dollars to be the Default Search Engine on iOS

Some of us are Android users, and some of us are iOS users. Some work on a tab, some on a Macbook, and some others on a Windows PC. However, the one thing that binds us all, irrespective of the platform we use, is that we all (or at least  most of us) use Google to search the web. Read more

iPhone 6C video

Have You Seen This Leaked Video of New iPhone 6C?

Micgadget.com, a Chinese iPhone and tech website, shared a video on their site that is making waves on the internet. The video, released earlier yesterday, claims to be the “first look” of the new iPhone 6C! The phone is rumoured to be launched at the upcoming March event. Read more

Apple India sales

Apple India Just Broke Its Quarterly Sales Record!

The launch of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in India didn’t go as smoothly as it did in the rest of the world. The US or the UK, especially, sold these new phones like hot cakes. But Apple India sales were tediously slow. The reason? Extremely high prices. Read more