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iPhone 6C Launch

iPhone 6C: The Mystery iPhone That’s Coming Soon!!

iPhone 5S has replaced iPhone 5C as Apple’s entry level phone. The 5C was killed off, after having lived a short, tortured life on the shelves. However, there’s talk of a new resurgence. It seems highly likely that a 4-inch 6C model might make an appearance next year. So here’s everything we know so far about the iPhone 6C. Read more

iPhone price India

Apple Slashes iPhone 5S Prices by Half; Offers Discount of 13,000 on 6S

Apple disappointed its Indian fans by launching iPhone 6S at an extremely steep price tag of Rs. 62,000. The market echoed the familiar ‘great phone, but too expensive’ sentiment and sales predictably took a hit. But, to everyone’s surprise, Apple changed the dynamics within a month by offering 34,000 buyback and other incentives on the latest iPhones. And now Apple is raising the temptation meter even higher by announcing massive price cuts across its phones range. Read more

Apple Samsung Case

Samsung Finally Pays Patent Infringement Penalty to Apple

While Microsoft was busy sending holiday cheer to Apple, things were not so friendly on the Samsung front. It’s been almost half a decade since Samsung was awarded the $1 Billion penalties for patent infringement. Since then, the original verdict has been overturned multiple times. Read more

iPhone RAM flush

The Must Know Trick To Boost Your iPhone & iPad Speed

The iPhone is an excellent device for multitasking. It flawlessly handles almost any test you throw at it. But over a period the phone starts to get sluggish. That’s only natural. The iPhone might be a sophisticated machine, perhaps the best mobile phone out there, but it’s still prone to ageing. There’s no escaping that. What exactly causes this problem and how do you get around it? Let’s find out. Read more

iPad Pro India

iPad Pro Launched in India. Price from Rs. 67,900

Apple’s most touted iPad has finally hit the shelves in India. The prices are even higher than we expected and stocks limited. Nonetheless, we are still super excited to get our hands on the big brother of the iPad family. Read more

Microsoft Apple ad

Microsoft Sent a Special Holiday Message to Apple

“We are here to deliver a special message to some old friends.” These words, when spoken by one old rival to another can seem insidious and sarcastic. But Microsoft recently said them to Apple in the spirit of goodwill and cheer, and of healing old wounds. Read more

Apple India

Apple Finally Gets Its Marketing Strategy Right In India

It’s hardly a secret that Apple products are extremely sought after, even here in India where they fall under the category of ‘luxury goods’. And like we have repeatedly told you, the greatest barrier to market for Apple India has been … yup, the cost. Read more

Apple iPhone iPhone battery case

Apple’s (Ugly) Battery Case for iPhone 6 and 6S

Is my battery dying? That is the one constant worry that haunts every smartphone user. With the phones getting bigger and the screens packing more pixels than ever, the battery life of our phones never seems to live up to our needs these days. Read more